Portable with PHP 5.4

Now in the downloadarea:

WB-Portable 2.8.3 with PHP5.4 and the new USBwebserver8.

Try it!

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WB-Portable with PHP 5.4 for testing

To modernize the WB Portable the webserver was changed from Server2Go to USBWebserver8.

  • PHP 5.4.17
  • MySQL 5.6.13
  • phpMyAdmin 4.1.0
  • MySQLDumper

Tests, Feedback and Ideas are welcome (german or english).

Downloadpage: Klick

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WebsiteBaker-Portable with PHP 5.4

Coming soon / Demnächst: WB-Portable with PHP 5.4

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Access to the MySQL Database

Go to  and choose on the right side under Tools the MySQL Client.

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Extra Firefox Portable

I think to write instructions for a specially Firefox Portable version.
This version will work beside the normal Firefox. Passwords or Addons are always available. Updates are possible like with the normal Firefox.

Is this interesting? Can somebody need this?

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