WB Portable Rev.1638

It was time to integrate the latest Hotfix in WebsiteBaker Portable Edition.
 - additional a new standard-template (with surprise)

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WB Portable goes to 2.8.3

In the DOWNLOAD-AREA are WebsiteBaker Portable 2.8.3 available.

Based on Server2Go 1.8.2 with PHP5.3.x.
The author of Server2Go provides no Mini-Package so i have made it so small as possible by myself.

You will find portable versions predefined for german and english, but WebsiteBaker Portable Edition is at all times multilingual.
Tests and Feedback are welcome.

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Upgrade Site

websitebaker-portable.com was upgraded to Version WebsiteBaker 2.8.3.
No Problems.

The Portable Edition will follow.

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WebsiteBaker 2.8.3

A Portable Version of WB 2.8.3 will be coming.

Moving WB from Portable to your own Server is very easy with WB 2.8.3.
No Image-Pathes must be changed.

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Technical Info:
Memory_Limit has changed from 8M to 128M

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